Future desolation of 3rd Jewish Temple

Video #1 summary: This Video opens with footage from the devastation caused by the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan. In then moves into in depth discussion how Harold Camping made his erred end of the world prophecy. The abomination of Desolation as discussed in the Bible from Daniel chapter 9 and then chapter 8 is then highlighted. Harold Camping’s error was due to a misunderstanding of this date calculation based on these scriptures. Then the correct interpretation is shown in simple easy to follow demonstration. What is really powerful about understanding these things is that if you believe the Bible then these scriptures not only prove Harold Camping was wrong but also anyone who try predicts the end of the world such as those saying it will occurr on Dec. 21 of 2012. Video is 27 minutes long but is well worth your time.

Video #2 Summary: This is a word of correction to Pastor Kent Mattox, Benny Hinn, Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe and many others. The background video for the audio starts out with footage from space, then awesome Hubble pictures of the galaxy. Also used as background is base jumping footage. This footage is given simply to be entertaining as you listen to the audio message. The background footage alone is worth your time, it is really good. So if you’re a non Christian then take a look anyway and just turn off your speakers. The audio message starts out with a message to Kent Mattox regarding his end time prophecy attitude, then moves into the error that many Christians use when they say they have received a word from God. These type of Christians then say “Thus Saith the Lord” What is pointed in this corrective word is that the last prophet to say “Thus saith the Lord” was from the old testament. There is no one in the new testament account or text that uses that phrase. Also discussed is Benny Hinn’s terrible prophecy error years ago concerning Cuba. Also a word to Hal Lindsey and much more.

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